DBC Panjim Ecotiva Club Holds Workshop on Organic Lifestyle

Shreeya Kudchadkar
18 Mar 2020
Don Bosco Panjim

Participants of Organic Lifestyle at DBC

The Ecotiva Club of Don Bosco College, Panjim (DBC), successfully organised a workshop on Organic Lifestyle on campus on March 14, 2020.

Attending the workshop DBC Manager Fr. Joaquim Lobo said, a little change by each of us is a huge step for the world, thus summarizing the motive of the workshop.

Principal, Dr. Cedric Silveira addressing the participants, congratulated the organizers and the team of Ecotiva Club, in-charge Glenda Mascarenhas, FY BBA, Alisha Dias, Secretary Ecotiva Club Saif Ali Khan, and the student Council.

Clinical Nutritionist Sheryl Alfonso E D’souza in her session spoke about a healthy nutritious diet and its importance. Tearing down multiple myths and misconceptions about health and nutrition, she advised the participants to practice smart shopping by giving the dos and donts list when in a supermarket or a local market.

Speaking on the occasion Miguel Braganza, focused on eco-friendly methods of growing plants and pest control management. He highlighted topics like waste management, composting etc. He also spoke on the use of dangerous fertilizers and encouraged the participants to use organic options instead.

Aquaponics experts Peter Singh and Neeno Kaur addressed on the topic organic gardening and why it is a better option saying, the only way to ensure your food is a hundred percent organic is by growing it yourself. Neeno Kaur explained how they have been practicing Aquaponics in their home.

Later Rina Barreto E Shankar concluded the workshop with a brief session on microgreens together with Vishesh Mardolkar. Radish and sunflower microgreens were then passed on to the participants for tasting. A make shift tent displaying various microgreens was also set up with options for sale. During the breaks, the guests were served Kokum and Khatkhatem with bread in keeping with the theme of the day.

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