DB Tuem Youth Organise the Great Auction

Neil Fernandes
12 Sep 2021
Don Bosco Boys Home

DB Youth participants at the Great Auction 2021

Youth group of Don Bosco Tuem, organised a player auction on September 4, 2021.

At the monthly core committee meeting of the youth group, held on August 29, 2021, it was decided that, to ensure the smooth flowing of the events of the group, it would be practical to divide the members into sub-groups. It was decided that the group leaders would hold a mock auction to avoid any further complications. Each youth member would have a base price of Rs. 500/- and the spending limit for each team would be Rs. 20,000/-.

On September 4, for the auction, the captains gathered in the AV hall, professionally dressed and ready with their tactics to bid for the members, armed with their placards and banners for the auction. The moderator, Brother Neil Fernandes invited the four teams namely, Fatima, Vailankanni, Carmel and Bandel. After a short prayer, the rules of the auction were explained by the moderator, Brother Fernandes. Each team to comprise of 12 players, 4 of which had to be compulsorily girls. The bidding began and went on very peacefully, with each team filling up their roster. Noel Khess was the most expensive player, going at Rs. 9,400/-. The Auction was live streamed on Google Meet for the other members of the youth group. The event ended with a meal.

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